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A Storyteller Inspiring Audiences to Stretch Beyond their Imagination 

Delivering engaging and informative presentations on topics related to personal growth, wellness, and professional development.

Powerfully moving any audience to action

Using evidence-based approaches, I enable teams to foster the mindset and abilities required to thrive in the face of change and adversity. This leads to a more instinctive, high-achieving workplace where decreased turnover and increased efficiency coincide with innovation and genuine leadership.

Speaking topics

Overcoming Burnout in the Workplace

As a speaker on overcoming burnout in the workplace, I will present practical strategies and insights for employees and employers to prevent, manage, and overcome burnout.


Understanding what burnout is and its impact on individuals and organizations. Identifying the causes and symptoms of burnout and developing a plan to mitigate them. Strategies for creating a healthy work-life balance, including time management, prioritization, and self-care. Practical tips for managing workload, setting boundaries, and building resilience in the face of workplace challenges.

Leading Through

I will present insights and strategies to help leaders navigate complex and challenging situations with resilience and confidence.


Understanding the nature of uncertainty and its impact on individuals and organizations. Strategies for developing resilience and adaptability in the face of uncertainty. Effective communication strategies for guiding individuals and teams through uncertainty. The role of empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership during times of uncertainty.

Authenticity in the Workplace

As the speaker on authenticity in the workplace, I will present insights and strategies to help individuals cultivate authenticity and build a more authentic workplace culture.


Understanding what authenticity means and its role in personal and professional growth. Identifying the challenges of being authentic in the workplace and developing a plan to overcome them. Strategies for cultivating authenticity, including self-reflection, vulnerability, and communication. The benefits of authenticity in the workplace, including increased job satisfaction, employee engagement, and productivity.


Read what our clients are saying about Empowerment Speaking

"Latisha is a rare gem. She has a way of pulling you in and creating a space for you to be open and honest about your own experiences. She has such a natural gift for bringing people together, and I strongly recommend her as a speaker!"

Tracey D


Inspiring audiences and leaders to thrive through intentionality

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next conference or a guest speaker for your organization's event, know that I am committed to providing a high-quality and impactful presentation that will inspire and motivate your audience. 

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