Your Story Doesn't

Determine Destiny



Influencing communication between organizations, parents, and children for a better tomorrow.



Educating families and organizations about the issues of child sexual abuse and how to support.



Mentoring through resources and program offerings that support the children and parents affected.



Motivating others to share their stories, get involved in solutions, and being a voice in the silence.


Is there a secret that is better unkept? Are there people who are in your child's life that they can trust fully? More people than ever are affected by the ugly reality of child sexual abuse. Likely, you know someone who has been a victim or has a child who has been impacted by this epidemic. The statistics are staggering!

My name is Latisha B. Russell, and it has become my life’s mission to provide MY STORY as a catalyst for change to end child sexual abuse. I am open to any and all opportunities and events to speak for organizations looking to influence change, educate on the warning signs, and motivate parents and children affected.  Whether it’s mother-daughter retreats, middle/high school conferences or what I call Christ Centered Energy Healing conferences, I have been dedicating my time to speaking life into individuals and families about my experiences truthfully, and share what is needed to change the outlook on life.

We as individuals as well as families are bombarded by negative images, disturbing stories, heart breaking loss and out place priorities.  My message and outlook is a movement of bringing families together so that they might over come to the disastrous effects of child sexual abuse by seeing a positive influence right in front of them.

Join me on the journey of what matters most - our children's safety and wholeness.  Be sure to sign up for my Speaking events and resources. There is something that we all can do to help.


"She was fantastic and very inspirational.  We received excellent feedback from staff across our locations." 

Dr. Janice Handy


"My passion is to better children's lives everywhere. I can only do that partnering with caring people like you. I look forward to speaking with you about sharing my story with your group or organization."