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Building Successful Teams & Companies through Wellness Coaching 

Transforming your workplace into a space of growth, resilience, and connection.

Latisha B. Russell in a orange jacket, blue shirt and colorful necklaces.

Uncover a more cohesive, engaged, and productive team environment

I partner with business owners, employees, and executives to weave emotional wellness into the fabric of their organizations. My mission? To foster a culture of resilience, understanding, and connection, directly impacting your team's productivity and efficiency. 
The result is a thriving more intuitive workplace—where reduced turnover and heightened productivity go hand in hand with innovation and heartfelt leadership. Let's redefine success together, creating environments where everyone thrives, both personally and professionally.

Winning teams are resilient teams 

Whether you’re a bustling team of hundreds or a close-knit group of less than ten, the ability to manage one's emotions—and to understand and respond to the emotions of others—is crucial. It’s not just about being successful; it's about growing and leading with empathy and insight. We focus on elevating emotional intelligence across all levels of your organization, transforming leaders into empathetic figures who inspire and motivate. Our services include:



Helping organizations strategically integrate EQ into their company culture, processes, and leadership development programs.



One-on-one sessions designed to help leaders at all levels develop their emotional intelligence skills and become more effective, empathetic leaders.



Strengthening your team's resilience and emotional intelligence with workshops tailored to your organization's unique needs and goals.

Dismantling emotional hurdles and igniting productivity through interactive trainings:

Fostering a Culture Where Employees Feel Seen, Heard, and Valued.  Create an environment where every team member's voice matters promotes inclusivity and respect and leads to enhanced job satisfaction and loyalty.

Increasing Retention Through Emotional Support.

Prioritize emotional wellness where employees are more likely to stay, building a stable, experienced team that grows together.

Decreasing Burnout with Proactive Wellness Strategies. Prioritize preventing burnout before it starts. Foster a healthy work-life balance, which in turn sustains long-term productivity and engagement.

Boosting Performance and Productivity by Valuing Employee Well-being. Recognize and address emotional wellness leads to happier, more energized employees, directly translating into higher performance levels and increased productivity across the organization.

Latisha B. Russell standing before an audience, clapping at their responce

Engagements & Partnerships

Fill the emotional intelligence gaps and let's create a thriving work environment where your team can flourish

Gain peace of mind knowing that your workplace transformation will be handled professionally, enhancing team dynamics and employee well-being effectively, while also boosting productivity and reducing turnover, all aligned with your goals and budget.


Read what our clients are saying about Wellness Coaching

Image of Ruth R. Escobar
"Latisha B. Russell recently provided presentation of the topic "Maintaining Balance in Life" to our Administrative team. She did such a great job! Latisha has great presence as a trainer, is very interactive and relatable in providing examples of her own life experience. I encourage you to consider Latisha as a qualified and enthusiastic speaker."

Ruth R. Escobar
Lendmark Financial Services

Image of Latisha B. Russell speaking in front of a large, diverse audience


Inspiring audiences and leaders to thrive through intentionality

As a sought-after speaker and emotional wellness expert, I partner with business leaders to weave resilience and well-being into the fabric of their organizations. My dynamic presentations on topics like Overcoming Burnout, Increasing Mental Toughness & Building Resilience, and Navigating Workplace Change, are designed to foster a thriving culture of resilience, understanding, and meaningful connection.


By providing practical, research-backed strategies and insights, I empower teams to cultivate the mindset and skills needed to excel amidst change and challenge. The end result is a more intuitive, high-performing workplace where reduced turnover and heightened efficiency go hand-in-hand with innovation and heartfelt leadership. 


Kickstart your growth with the Transformational Journal

This self-assessment journal is designed to help individuals delve deep into their emotional state, identifying not just surface-level stressors but the underlying factors that contribute to their overall sense of well-being. This level of introspection can lead to profound insights about one's life and choices that ultimately show up in their professional lives. 

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Find out how Wellness Coaching can improve your business

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