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Latisha B. Russell talking and laughing with an audience to who she is speaking on workplace burnout.


Integrating Emotional Wellness in the Workplace

Uncover a more cohesive, engaged, and productive team environment, while enhancing both individual well-being and overall business performance while increasing retention. 

Significantly reduce burnout and turnover

Enhance productivity and performance 

Equip your leaders to manage with empathy 

Improve the emotional health of the workplace

Foster a culture of open communication and mutual respect

We don't turn off our emotions when we clock in at work

The challenges we face in our personal lives—fear of judgment, communication barriers, difficulty in forging strong relationships—often find their way into our professional environments. These emotional intelligence (EQ) gaps can significantly impede your organization's growth, despite having a robust company culture, dedicated team-building efforts, and top-notch technical skills. Yet, it's the very human aspect of emotional wellness that, if overlooked, can weigh down even the most dynamic companies.

We see the hard work and dedication you and your team put in every day. We know that within each member of your organization lies unique talents and an incredible capacity for high performance. The key to navigating this is having support in nurturing emotional wellness to become the best version of oneself and to function as one team. 

Explore all Emotional Wellness programs

Our approach involves comprehensive, interactive training sessions and workshops designed to address and dismantle the emotional hurdles that hamper productivity and job performance. Choose the programs that best suits your organizations' needs.

Latisha B. Russell facilitating a workshop with a large group of people about remaining authentic in the workplace


Create a safe and supportive workplace environment for all employees. By incorporating an emotional wellness approach to policies and practices, businesses can create a more empathetic and supportive workplace culture. Experience an increase in employee well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity. If you are looking to build out a long-term solution, with innovative strategies to change your culture from the inside out, we can help.

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, interpret, demonstrate, control, and use emotions to communicate with and relate to others effectively and constructively. Trauma can lower our EQ, leading to low confidence in decision-making, lack of communication with teammates and managers, and high attrition rates in the workplace.

Latisha B. Russell coaching a group of women on workplace emotional wellness


Through in-depth, training and workshops, we eliminate the emotional barriers that restrict productivity and effective job performance. We’ll equip your workforce with the tools needed to navigate the workplace with enhanced EQ and increased confidence. After completing our workshops, you’ll notice immediate results. You’ll gain more effective ways to communicate, become a more effective leader, and inspire better job performance from your team. With our guidance, you’ll identify and remove the mental barriers that keep team members from attaining their maximum potential.


Hear what our clients are saying about Emotional Wellness Coaching

Position your organization as a leader in Employee Well-Being

Attract top talent, reduce turnover, and set a benchmark in the industry for a supportive and thriving work culture.

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