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Support Mental Well-Being in the Workplace & Build A Healthy Company with Trauma Leadership & Executive Coaching

FACT: We don’t turn off our emotions when we clock in at work. And the emotional challenges we face at home can easily show up on the job. Fear of being seen, fear of being disliked, lack of communication, inability to build healthy relationships…the list goes on. Those gaps in emotional intelligence (EQ) can create bottlenecks that hinder your organization's growth. Even with the best technical training, a strong company culture and a dedication to team building, emotional wellness and low EQ can drag a company down.

Now, each of us has unique talents and is more than capable of performing at the highest level. But we need support to be our best selves. That’s where our Emotional Wellness Leadership and Executive Coaching comes in.

Whether you’re a team of hundreds or less than a dozen, the ability of each team member to perceive, evaluate, express and control their emotions and in turn, understand the emotional needs of their team is essential to success and growth. Mastering your emotional well-being makes you a better leader, period.


When working with organizations, through our in-depth, interactive training and workshops, we eliminate the emotional barriers that restrict productivity and effective job performance. We’ll equip your workforce with the tools necessary to navigate the workplace with enhanced EQ and increased confidence. 


After completing our workshops, you’ll notice immediate results.

  • You’ll gain more effective ways to communicate

  • Become a more effective leader and inspire

  • Increase job performance from your team

  • Decreased turnover


With our guidance, you’ll identify and remove the mental barriers that keep team members from attaining their maximum potential.

Ready to finally transform yourself or your team members into leaders that propel your company forward with the power of emotional intelligence?

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What Our Clients Say

Speaking/Training Testimonial

"I had the pleasure of attending a corporate speaking event where Latisha B. Russell shared her insight on overcoming burnout in the workplace and personally. Her presentation was not only informative but also incredibly engaging and impactful. From the moment she stepped onto the stage, her energy and passion for the topic were palpable.

One of the things that impressed me most about  Latisha B. Russell was her ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. She spoke openly about her own experiences with burnout and shared practical strategies for overcoming it. The tips and techniques she offered were actionable and relevant, and I left the event feeling motivated and empowered to tackle burnout in my own life.

Another standout feature of  Latisha B. Russell’s presentation was her dynamic delivery. She used a variety of storytelling techniques, including humor and personal anecdotes, to keep the audience engaged throughout. The pacing of the presentation was just right, and the visuals used were both compelling and easy to follow.

Overall, I would highly recommend  Latisha B. Russell as a dynamic speaker."

~ Lauren Pennington

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