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I teach women how to move beyond the traumas of life that have caused them to feel trapped, stuck and broken; in order to walk in freedom and healing so they can live a life of abundance.

I know your struggles are real. I know there are really hard moments, moments you question - “how will I make it another day feeling this way".  I know this, because this used to be my story. 

Healing isn’t pretty, healing doesn’t happen overnight, it takes months and many times years to come through the valley. The upside is, there IS a brighter side. There is happiness to come, there is peace after picking up the pieces. You become unbreakable after feeling broken. 

If you recognize  you are stuck and unsure of what to do, allow Latisha B. Russell’s Trauma and Healing Coaching Program to walk with you towards freedom. Allow today to be the first day of your new beginning. Say YES to you!


  • You are ready to move past your trauma of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

  • You finally want peace and freedom.

  • You are ready to face your abusers.

  • You are afraid to live a good life because of fear in facing your abusers.

  • You are tired of being angry.

  • You yearn to accept yourself, all parts of you.


Even if you are:

  • Scared that the world will see your flaws … and then judge you for them,

  • An introvert who simply prefers to make an impact behind the scenes,

  • Afraid of failure and what others might think...

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I want to help you re-write your story!

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Are you tired of not really living because of trauma?


Find courage in this 6 week coaching program where you will LEARN:

  • The tools and techniques to move past trauma

  • The courage to write a new story

  • The ability to finally walk in freedom

  • The courage to say YES to you

  • And most importantly, FREEDOM and HEALING


This program is different because we are coming together for the purpose of healing and supporting each other.

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