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Speaker - Trauma Coach - Author 


Trauma-Informed Life Coach. Leadership Coach. Author. Transformational Speaker. Trauma Survivor. Latisha B. Russell has many titles, but her superpower is simple: being a woman. As the founder of Latisha B. Russell LLC and the co-founder of HR consulting firm Russell Craigwell, Latisha is an expert with over 15 years of experience transforming the lives and careers of everyday women and corporate executives so they can overcome past trauma, confidently tackling their biggest challenges and thrive in the workplace and at home.

You see, if there’s one thing Latisha knows, it’s that emotional wellness is mandatory for women to become their best selves. That’s why corporations rely on her to coach and workshop with their top executives to reduce turnover and ensure they can lead through uncertainty with resilience, whether through trauma-informed mental health, wholeness, or emotional well-being techniques. And for the individuals she coaches, Latisha’s lived experience as a trauma survivor means she knows exactly how the past can hold women hostage and more importantly, what steps they need to take to break free and create a better future.

Latisha is the one you can rely on to powerfully move any audience to action – especially when it comes to cultivating confidence in careers, authenticity in the workplace, and going beyond healing to tell your story. Healthy Blue of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation, Dekalb County, and Central Gwinnett High School are among the organizations that have all turned to Latisha’s speaking prowess and riveting presence to coach, motivate and inspire audiences. 

While Latisha’s superpower is orchestrating her clients’ next breakthroughs in coaching sessions and boardrooms, she’s most proud of her own journey to becoming an author and the woman she was looking for in the middle of her personal storm.



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Though delicate subject matter (child sexual abuse/ trauma/ exploitation), Latisha speaks from a cellular place, the heart with each topic thoughtfully crafted. No matter the audience, her mission: to reconcile trauma, restore hope and relieve the stigma.

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