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Is there a secret that is better unkept? Are there people who are in your child's life that they can trust fully? More people than ever are affected by the ugly reality of child sexual abuse. Likely, you know someone who has been a victim or has a child who has been impacted by this epidemic. The statistics are staggering!


I'm Latisha B. Russell, trauma Informed coach, child sexual abuse advocate, transformational speaker and author, dedicated to reconciling trauma, restoring hope and relieving stigmas among those who have endured sexual abuse and trauma.

I believe breaking the silence and cycles around sexual abuse
and trauma starts by empowering and arming the affected and their
guardians or parents with the tools needed to give voice to their pains
and effectuate growth beyond.

As a change agent of transformation who partners with schools,
organizations and like-minded advocates to enact effective educational
change around sexual abuse and trauma. I don't speak theoretically
but from personal experience with thoughtful compassionate

I am Latisha B Russell

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"She was fantastic and very inspirational.  We received excellent feedback from staff across our locations." 

Dr. Janice Handy

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