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Stop with the Self-Sabotage:
Find Your Freedom and Your Voice with Our Group Coaching Program

Listen: Soaring to success is impossible if you’re weighed down by past trauma. When you’re controlled by trauma, it impacts how you do everything, including your job.

See, trauma from our past can show up as emotional roadblocks in our everyday life. And navigating those roadblocks without the proper tools can lead to feelings of shame and fear, lowered productivity and hinder us from reaching our goals.

Translation: Even if we have the IQ to achieve, we won’t get there without EQ, or emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, interpret, demonstrate, control and use emotions to communicate with and relate to others effectively and constructively. And trauma can lower our EQ, leading to low confidence in decision-making, lack of communication with teammates and managers and high attrition rates in the workplace.

So, how can you or your employees break past the stumbling blocks of self-sabotage and get on with the business of personal and professional development? Let me introduce my Trauma and Executive Leadership Coaching Program.

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Through my trauma-informed coaching, trauma survivors become thrivers while building clarity, confidence and courage in their lives. We work to expose the true impact of trauma and grow from it with candid, educational conversations in training sessions, attentive coaching and workshops.

The Trauma and Executive Leadership Coaching Program empowers those experiencing:

  • Loss of Voice

  • Trauma

  • Fear of being seen or disliked

  • An inability to build healthy relationships

With my guidance, participants will identify and remove the mental blocks that have kept them from reaching their full potential in the office and beyond.

Participants will walk away with plenty of “aha” moments, gain effective ways to communicate and learn how to bloom where they’re planted.

Ready to finally transform productivity and propel toward a future free of guilt, shame and self-sabotage?


I want to help you re-write your story!

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Are you tired of not really living because of trauma?


Find courage in this 6 week coaching program where you will LEARN:

  • The tools and techniques to move past trauma

  • The courage to write a new story

  • The ability to finally walk in freedom

  • The courage to say YES to you

  • And most importantly, FREEDOM and HEALING


This program is different because we are coming together for the purpose of healing and supporting each other.

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