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60% OFF


Are you tired of not really living because of trauma?

A 6-Week Coaching/ 1 on 1 Coaching with Latisha B. Russell

Find courage in this 6 week's coaching program

where you will LEARN:

  • The tools and techniques to move past trauma

  • The courage to write a new story

  • The ability to finally walk in freedom

  • The courage to say YES to you

  • And most importantly, FREEDOM and HEALING

Are you tired of not really living because of trauma?

As a coach, I teach women how to move beyond the traumas of life that have caused them to feel trapped, stuck, and broken to walk in freedom and healing so they can live a life of abundance.


I’m talking to the woman who is ready to discover who they are.


The woman who is ready to do some personal development but needs the steps and guidance on how to get there. 

The woman Looking to discover their inner peace.

The women who are trying to find their voice, peace, freedom, and joy beyond their past trauma and life choices. Women who are ready to live in their truth without shame but just need to understand they are not alone.

For THE 1st time and for a limited time,  I'm offering a BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL at 61% off of my 6-week coaching program. 


If you're on the fence, ask yourself, what is it costing you not to invest in yourself finally? 



Wow, you are a strong, intelligent woman and have touched so many lives including mine. Through everything you have been through, you still smile. May God continue to bless you! You are a blessing from God and I am thankful because you would always say, no matter what you have been through, all you have to do is keep pushing and believing. Thank you so much for taking the time to coach me. I was lost and broken and didn't even know if I loved myself but ask me now if I love myself. I absolutely do, because of you”



Latisha B. Russell is a recognized figure on the topic of child sexual abuse and trauma. Speaking from a platform of her own harrowing experiences, she has made it her mission-to create brave spaces for candid, educational conversations that expose the true impact of sexual abuse and trauma experienced by children, teens and young adults by sharing her story of triumph through perseverance and resilience.

A voice for the voiceless, Latisha considerately navigates the, often raw, sensibilities and effects of sexual abuse with survivors, and others who may need assistance in navigating this taboo, grim topic. After having experienced a “Tish Talk”, many walk away with renewed confidence and vigor knowing, they, too, can overcome the shame, the story, just as she has done!  Click here to download a complete version of Latisha's bio.

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